.NET WebAPI Boilerplate Template built with .NET 6.0. Incorporates the most essential Packages your projects will ever need. Follows Clean Architecture Principles.


dotnet-webapi-boilerplate is the integral part of the fullstackhero project.

fullstackhero is a venture to develop industry leading boilerplate templates for the dotnet stack as the backend (Web API) along with modern client frameworks like Angular, MVC and Blazor.

This repository contains the WebApi Project of fullstackhero.

Release Planning

0.0.1 RC is available now!

This is the first pre-release version of the fullstackhero .NET WebAPI Boilerplate package. Newer versions will be available on a weekly basis with newer updates and patches. Read the getting-started guide for more.

The Release Version is expected to be out by November, 2021 as soon as .NET 6 LTS is launched by Microsoft. Preview versions of this project is available for Initial Developer Testing.

[Documentation] Overview - Read

[Documentation] Getting Started - Read

[Documentation] Development Environment - Learn about setting up the DEV environment

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  • Built on .NET 6.0
  • Follows Clean Architecture Principles
  • Completely Documented at fullstackhero.net
  • Multi Tenancy Support
  • Supports MySQL, MSSQL & PostgreSQL!
  • Uses Entity Framework Core as DB Abstraction
  • Flexible Repository Pattern
  • Dapper Integration for Optimal Performance
  • Serilog Integration
  • Swagger Support
  • Mapster
  • API Versioning
  • Response Caching - Distributed Caching
  • Fluent Validations
  • Audit Logging
  • Advanced User & Role Based Permission Management
  • Code Analysis & StyleCop Integration with Rulesets
  • JSON Based Localization with Caching
  • Hangfire Support
  • File Storage Service
  • Test Projects
  • & Much More


  1. Visual Code v1.59.xx or higher / Visual Studio 2022 Preview (17.0.0 Preview 4.0) or Higher.
  2. dotnet-sdk-6.0.100-rc.2.21505.57 or higher.
  3. PostgreSQL / MSSQL / MySQL Database Server instances.

For more details, read Development Environment.



This project is licensed with the MIT license.

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