Development Environment

Let's get started with setting up the Development Environment for Blazor WebAssembly Boilerplate Development!

fullstackhero’s Blazor WebAssembly Boilerplate Project Development needs you to have the following applications / tools available on your machine. Please Note that this project is being built on a Windows 10 Machine using Visual Studio Code IDE.


As mentioned earlier, this project is built with the latest available .NET SDK, which is .NET 6.0.

Ensure that you have the latest version of the SDK available - Download from Microsoft


Visual Studio Code IDE is the recommended IDE to use for fullstackhero’s Blazor WebAssembly Boilerplate Project Development. If you are not already using this IDE, consider switching to it. It’s definitely worth it! (Fun Fact : I recently switched from Visual Studio 2019 Community to Visual Studio Code and it’s been awesome!)

However, you are always free to use your choice of IDEs as well.

Incase you intend to use Visual Studio Code for development, here are a bunch of helpful extensions that I use:

  • EditorConfig for VS Code
  • C#
  • C# Extensions
  • Docker
  • Markdown All in One
  • NuGet Gallery
  • Material Icon Theme
  • REST Client

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