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Problem Statement

Ever gone through the pain of setting up new Projects from scratch each and every time? fullstackhero aims to address this pain point by offering Starting Points aka Boilerplates for various technologies that can help save over 200+ hours of Development and Research Time for Developers and Teams.


fullstackhero offers Boilerplates with latest packages and services that your projects will ever need. We intend to provide Clean and Well structured Boilerplates with top-notch quality following standard coding practices and Clean Architecture principles that makes your development experience seamless.

Most importantly, fullstackhero is completely FREE to use!

As the name suggests, the idea is to provide a full-stack end to end solution to kick start products of any scale following a modularized monolith architecture with well cut designs, code readability, scalability as the out-of-the-box features. Bottomline, using fullstackhero, your new projects will be up and running in no time.


fullstackhero is not a single repository or project, rather a collection of boilerplates out of which you get to choose your preference. In the long term, fullstackhero would ideally have multiple API projects that are written in various technologies like .NET, Node.js, GoLang and multiple client applications that are built on awesome tech like Blazor, Vue.js, React, Angular and so on.

fullstackhero should be the one-stop that caters to the needs of various developers in various technology. This obviously would require a lot of community adaptation and contributions.

As of the initial releases, fullstackhero sports an API Project built on Microsoft’s newest .NET 6 and the front-end application (that consumes the .NET 6 Web API) built with Blazor WebAssembly!


Here are the awesome fullstackhero projects!

.NET 6 Web API Boilerplate


Get to work with the latest and greatest of Microsoft's .NET 6 Web API fused with the goodness of fullstackhero.

View Github Repository | Read Getting Started Guide

Blazor WebAssembly Boilerplate

client application
blazor webassembly

Clean Architecture Boilerplate Template for .NET 6.0 Blazor WebAssembly built for FSH WebAPI with the goodness of MudBlazor Components.

View Github Repository | Read Getting Started Guide

Angular Material Boilerplate

Coming Soon!

ASP.NET MVC Boilerplate

Coming Soon!

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