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Being a completely community driven project, I encourage the community to submit their valuable contributions to whichever repository they are comfortable with.

Currently, you can contribute to -

  • fullstackhero Documentation -
  • .NET Web API Boilerplate -
  • Blazor WebAssembly Boilerplate -


How to contribute?

Please note the following steps are applicable only for the docs repository.

  1. Fork the docs Repository to your Github Profile.
  2. [Optional] Navigate to your newly forked Repository -> Settings -> Secrets.
  3. [Optional] Here, Add a new Repository Secret with a name GT_TOKEN. As for the value, paste in your GitHub Token (
  4. Now, clone this repository locally.
  5. Ensure that you have Node.js and Visual Code installed.
  6. At the root of the repository run npm install. This installs all the required packages. Might take some time depending on your network connection.
  7. All the documentations are to be written in markdown format.
  8. Refer to get an idea on how to write documentation and include images, code snippets and stuff.
  9. To run the application locally, run the command npm run start and navigate to localhost:1313
  10. Once ready, send a Pull Request.

Blazor WebAssembly Boilerplate

Here are the contributors of the Blazor WASM Project! Submit your PR to join this Elite list ;) Make sure your code is warning free!

.NET Web API Boilerplate

Submit your PR and join the elite list!

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